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Agharians or aghartians a group of asiatic or nordic humans who, sources claim, discovered a vast system of caverns below the region of the gobi desert and surrounding areas thousands of years ago, and have since established a thriving kingdom within, one which has been interacting with otherplanetary systems up until current times. More research into exobiology, the science of star visitor lifes physical structure and processes, will help us understand better how many races of intelligent species we are dealing. It was a real event that was predicted by time travel but allowed to occur to further the agenda of the alien revolution the war in iraq. I have seen a alien spaceship and i do believe we are not alone in this vast universe. There are three types of andromedans that communicate telepathically. One is from a race of 45d humans that have similar features to us. It can be quite confident it is in a technological race with alien beings. Ever since the book of alien races was translated from russian into english by dante santori, a former special forces sergeant from europe, this secret book has created a major stir among researchers. Capable of building immense starships one is said to be a mile long and a quarter of a mile wide. The most likely outcome of such a race is assimilation for all but the most advanced species. Secret alien races book translated into english the book is believed to have been written around 194647, with constant additions and revisions over the years. The claim is that it was given to government agents for them to add their information to it.

I will continue keeping my notes and i do recommend you do the same. This is the x soviet union alien races book which catalogs all the alien races that the soviets were aware of. A different take on the traditional alien race dying, so we need earth women to survive. Hicks is ripleys man and thank the lord she returns at the end of this book. The anunnaki was one of the alien races in contact with earth are were not the first race involved in the racket of mining minerals on our little blue planet. I have red many many books since i was 15 years old. Standing at up to 22 feet tall these badass beings are made up of pure muscle and resembled dinosaurs or dragons. The secret book of alien races translated from russian. The book is believed to have been written around 194647, with constant additions and revisions over the years.

Psychological torture and collective persecution of assange must end now. Hav musuvs or suvians prominent in paihute indian tradition, the havmusuvs were allegedly an egyptian or grecianlike seafaring race who discovered huge caverns around 3 to 5 thousand years ago within, and later deep beneath the panamint mountains of california. The seti institutes allen telescope array ata is hunting for radio signals from hypothetical intelligent alien life in our galaxy. Smersh counterintelligence service was officially founded by josef stalin in 1943. The drake equation speculates about the existence of intelligent life elsewhere in the universe. The story is wonderful and the graphics are amazing. This list excludes cases in which only a single member of a species is shown, such. Use features like bookmarks, note taking and highlighting while reading known alien races beings from outer space and beyond the complete a to z list of all known alien. The book is able to depict a class divide artfully. The art, of course, is fantastic, even better than in book 1. The reasons behind this setup are initially alienated is the perfect book which refutes the saying do not judge a book by its cover. On january, 1947, the smersh included a book containing descriptions of top smersh agents who were extraterrestrials. Three art center college of design entertainment design students discuss the process of and develop the visuals for one of the most unique stories today combining action, adventure and captivating art to introduce the reader to the fascinating world of concept design.

The alien race book fascinating reading educating humanity. Alien races, grey aliens, and other alien races and species there are in my opinion several alien races, we probably cant count the number. The audience already knows the conflict is about race. Known alien races beings from outer space and beyond. Found this interesting online book about alien races here on earth. Posters comments some of the pics on the video alien races pics are straight from the books pages, others were stapled to the book and i believe serve as an illustration of the race, they used it either because they do not have pics of them and these are the closest thing to how those races look like or because they are exactly like the race looks like. The book of alien races kindle edition by petro, dante and, races, alien, aliens, ancient, files, ufo, books, ufo, species, anunnaki, extraterrestrials.

The city of coruscant in the new star wars trilogy is actually the real capital of the universal alliance of civilized beings. Maritza is stolen from earths past to mate with lord elentinus, who shows her a less ruthless side of himself in order to form a bond. The violence and hatred that humans have inside themselves, when compared to the violence and hatred that the race maitre has inside themselves, is like comparing a. From what movies tell us, it would seem that alien scientists pretty much focused on three primary technologies. According to 1 alien race they only have 6 ships left. Get together a collection of picture books, fiction and nonfiction about aliens, space, space travel, and ufos. They are a race in decline weakening according to other alien races. Theory a supposition or a system of ideas intended to explain something. This book is a great book for young children who ask the question are aliens really real. The maitre are an important race for humans to be aware of because pose the greatest threat, along with the reptilians, according to this book and most alien research circles. The book is titled, introduction to the alien races book. Basically, this book is about an adorably nerdy girl named cara who hosts lives with a ridiculously attractive foreign exchange student and alien named aelyx.

Such life might range from simple prokaryotes or comparable life forms to beings with civilizations far more advanced than humanity. Pentagons ufo footage comes at the perfect time the washington. Conspiracy theory a hypothesis that some covert but influential organization is responsible for a circumstance or event. Read here if you want the truth about aliens and alien. You dont have to spend hundreds of millions of dollars, as nasa and others are doing, to try to meet a nonexistent alien. Sometimes, though, we meet an alien race that could never have evolved, no matter what.

There is no evidence in public about all those races but. Extraterrestrial life is hypothetical life which may occur outside of earth and which did not originate on earth. Dante santori, a former special forces sergeant from europe, translated a secret book about aliens from russian to english, capturing the minds of many believers in extraterrestrial life in the process. These are three books about extraterrestrials and the hilarity that ensues with first contact. Race distinguishes various star visitors of decidedly different appearances. The thrid is of a master race of at least 79 foot tall winged.

Use features like bookmarks, note taking and highlighting while reading ancient aliens. Download it once and read it on your kindle device, pc, phones or tablets. Yes, the alien at the creation museum is a fictional oneand we make that very clearyet we use this madeup alien to explain the gospel to the real aliens. The secrets of the russians contact with aliens that was guarded by the kgb. There is also a youtube video which uses the same information. Originally posted by skyblueworld firstly lets start with the youtube user azazel8867 a. The 10 most unbelievable alien races in science fiction. Some even believe that we humans are genetic hybrids ourselves but thats a discussion for another conspiracy forum.

Arb the alien races book pdf unhypnotize community forum. Secret russian book of alien races and councils pdf reddit. An extraterrestrial or alien is any extraterrestrial lifeform. There have been visitations throughout human history, but. The alien races book or arb published on august 20 20 from some more extensive original notes, can be read here. As a person who works in the field of ufology,the paranormal and cryptozoology on a daily basis i highly recommend this book as a teaching tool for children with naturally active imaginations. Found in john christophers the tripods trilogy the white mountains, the city of gold and lead, the pool of fire, plus the later prequel, when the tripods came, the masters are a race of technologically advanced aliens. This time, the aliens are admitted conquerors of earth who openly steal the women for breeding. The alien race the human race faces a similar dilemma. The alien literary franchise consists of multiple novels and short stories based on the eponymous film franchise, which began in 1979 with the release of alien in the 20th century, all alienrelated novels published were adaptations of preexisting material.

Conspiracy a secret plan by a group to do something unlawful or harmful. Often, when people talk about aliens in science fiction, they trot out the old classics, rendevous with rama, the gods themselves, stranger in a. The ussr, throughout history, has been a treasure trove of information on ets and their craft. Secret russian kgb book of alien species blue planet project 19 kindle edition by carlson, gil. The alien race book fascinating reading this back story to this book makes for fascinating reading. Alien gris, grey alien, aliens and ufos, ancient aliens, alien creatures, mythical creatures. Here are some of the coolest and weirdest extraterrestrial species in the scifi film, valerian and the city of a thousand planets. Are aliens really real kloetzke, chase, fitzgerald.

Like ive said before, alien 3 didnt have to ruin aliens for everybody, only of you let it, and i chose to not let it. Descriptions of all the different aliens that have visited our planet. Another rather wellknown race, and heres hoping someone with a real budget will get around to making a movie of harry harrisons 1984 masterpiece west of eden. Hulus little fires everywhere changes a lot from the book. This video shows some alien races leaked from and old russian secret book that dante azazel8867 had uploaded for us in the past, but his account has been deleted from youtube with all his videos, and his life was running danger in the last weeks, receiving attempts against his life. This list of fictional extraterrestrial species is subsidiary to the lists of fictional species and is a collection of various notable extraterrestrial species that appear in various works of fiction. The extraterrestrial presence in the world today alien. Alien race is an illustrated narrative of an original science fiction tale. Hybrids are particularly common across the cosmos and are believed to be of the alien races in contact with earth. I would take this book or any et related book for that matter more seriously if the author sprang for a decent artist to draw the aliens as artist renditions i mean a real artist too, not just someones random colored pencil drawings, not just take pictures stolen from the internet, tv shows, and video games.

Known alien races beings from outer space and beyond the complete a to z list of all known alien races kindle edition by brophilius, aidan. Possibly one of the most revealing and controversial documents originating from. From 1979 up to 1997, warner books published novelizations of the first four films in the year of release. It is limited to wellreferenced examples from literature, film, television, comics, animation and video games. Alien races, grey aliens, and other alien races and species.

In 2004, i became friends with an ukrainian guy called petro that i met completely randomly at a bar by the beachi was on holidays and he was there with some friends having some drinks. According to dreamworks, home revolves around an overly optimistic, yet inept, alien race named boov, led by captain smek, who invade earth to hide from their mortal enemy and make it a new home. To begin, it is necessary for people everywhere to understand that humanity is emerging into a greater community of intelligent life. As the universe is incredibly large, however from the evidence here on earth we can identify some of the alien races. Here are some of the coolest and weirdest extraterrestrial species in the sci fi film, valerian and the city of a thousand planets. Your world is being visited by several alien races and by several different organizations of races. Meet the alien stars of dreamworks animations new movie. Russian alien book, et races, full version educating. It is a twopart reason for sharing the secret book of alien races 1 because of the numerous contacts i have had in my life so far with my offworld mentor being are also contained in the book, 2 many experiencers often confuse races of beings with other races and hoped this would add some clarity. Another, is a race of 4d 34 foot tall blue skinned humanoids with bald round heads and dark eyes. It spawned a few sequels with the usual slight lowering of quality and is a stunning example of meticulous aliencreation.

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