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Sexual harassment panda is a parody of ike the coast guard panda, a mascot for the united states coast guard who encourages kids to wear life vests. In 1992, trey parker and matt stone made the spirit of christmas aka jesus vs. Santa opens with the four boys singing we wish you a merry christmas, when. Jesus stands at the door and knocks and then enters your heart when invited. Who would you help in a fight, jesus or santa claus. After seeing the south park the spirit of christmas jesus vs. The santa that burned to death in imaginationland had a much larger beard than the real santa claus. Heaven decided that santa s plan would be just right, and santa was asked to play the part that very first night. Stream full episodes from all 22 seasons of south park. Frosty december 8, 1992 in south park s earliest precursor, the boys snowman comes to life and wreaks havoc, before being defeated by the baby jesus. The boys go to santa claus for help, but he turns out merely to be frosty in disguise. South park creators trey parker and matt stone have built an entire comedy empire on the back. Perfect for secret santa and if you are looking for adult board games for groups, such as.

In the animated short, the spirit of christmas, jesus and santa had a fight to determine what the true meaning of christmas wasgiving or jesus. Watch santa take on the woodland critters in south park the fractured but whole. Trey parker and matt stone animation short that predates the south park series, depicting a fight between jesus christ and santa claus. Hankey, and jesus in a desperate attempt to bring christmas to the downtrodden citizens of iraq. When south park got an ea sports game pulled off the shelves. South park s00e02 the spirit of christmas jesus vs santa youtube. The second animated short titled the spirit of christmas or jesus vs santa resembles what south park would become much more than the previous one. Santa south park the spirit of christmas from christmas carols to senseless violence, this short film teaches the south park gang the meaning of christmas but not before jesus and santa battle to the death for complete domination of christmas. Jesus and santa share the spotlight for this classic holiday duet. I remember downloading this just to watch the pilot episode of south park with jesus vs. Title christmas time in south park release year 2007 running time 170 min language english categories comedies television animated characters animated worlds animation cable tvcable tv shows christmas parody satire televisiontv series synopsis first created as a video christmas card called santa vs.

Santa vs woodland critters south park the fractured but. The spirit of christmas 1995 directed by trey parker. We gotta a red sleigh down video clip south park studios. Jesus vs santa claus posted by kevin at sunday, november 27, 2011.

In the episode, cartman has to score one big nice on santa s list to be eligible for christmas presents. As i was saying, santa hohoho repeated each time santa s name is mentioned speaker rolls his eyes and listener just smiles was born about 400 years after jesus ahhhh. In this epic card game, battle for the most believers and ultimately rule christmas. South park the spirit of christmas 1995 short 2nd ever. Original youtube uploader was skylar dean luke goad. Red sleigh down is episode 96 of the comedy central series south park. He is a member of the superhero group super best friends. The original spirit of christmas which you can watch above may be crude, but many staples of south park were established. Jesus vs frosty was good and all, but its jesus vs santa that really establishes south park s characters and satirization on commercialism and religion so, even if it wasnt the first in the series, jesus vs santa is essentially the birth of south park. Trey parker and matt stones legendary animated series south park is chock full of shocking moments. Far from being a dangerous distraction from the real meaning of christmas, believe it or not, santa claus can actually be saved. In damien, jesus has to fight a boxing match against satan, the prince of darkness, after his son goes to south park elementary. The short was created as a christmas card for a fox executive that had seen the previous film and found it amusing. To differentiate the two, they are often referred to as jesus vs.

Santa comes but once a year, jesus is ever present. Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on youtube. But the true seasonal struggle is the war within christmas, a single holiday shared by two deeply antagonistic religions. Santa is often shown with south park s other christmasrelated characters, mr. Parker and stone indicated in the dvd commentary that the panda is actually santa claus from jesus vs. Santa, it more closely resembled the style of the later series, and featured a martial arts duel between jesus and santa claus over the true meaning of christmas.

Santa december 1, 1995 jesus christ descends from heaven and battles with santa claus over the true meaning of christmas. Spirit of christmas is the name of two different animated short films made by trey parker and matt stone. The kids are dressed in winter outfits and live in a. Jesus, its only fitting that south park celebrates the shows roots in. The 15 most controversial moments in south park history. This is a reference to the spirit of christmas 1992, where jesus fights a snowman which comes to live after the boys put a hat on it.

Four caroling children meet jesus and santa claus and learn the true meaning of christmas. Stan kyle cartman kenny jesus santa brian boitano cameo. When santa spins jesus around and throws him away, jesus lands next to a snowman wearing a hat. Youtube south park jesus vs santa claus this communion message focuses on how awesome santa claus is, yet how jesus is even more awesome. So from the first christmas right down to today, when one heard the bells jingling and saw the big sleigh, they knew it was santa making his way to remind the world of the love jesus gave. Cards against humanity and exploding kittens, then this is the christmas card game for you and your family or friends.

Hankey, the christmas poo seen listening to the childrens present request. Komo games is raising funds for santa vs jesus the epic card game on kickstarter. South park s00e02 the spirit of christmas jesus vs santa. The boys try to resist the high school musical fad when it hits south park elementary, while also trying to convince the schools top singer that he should follow his dream and try out for the basketball team. Watch full episodes of south park online south park studios. Santa and christ poem and a christmas tradition inkhappi. While bringing christmas to iraq, santa claus s sleigh is shot down. It took me about 4 or 5 hours to download, but i have this saved on my. South park the spirit of christmas, jesus vs santa youtube. The boys realize that jesus is the only person who can save santa now.

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